Problems are Hidden Opportunities in Disguise
Finding Unseen Opportunities
Did you realize that most challenges are opportunities in disguise? As such, you need to recognize and seize them when you can. How often do you miss opportunities that are staring you right in the face? Probably a lot more than you think or realize. Many problems you have are invisible hidden opportunities in disguise. Most people don’t recognize them, even when they are pointed out.
“Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.” ~ Ralph Marston
Some say difficulties are opportunities in disguise if you keep an open mind. Opportunities come in many different forms. You just need to open your eyes and look beyond the obvious for the hidden opportunities in problems. Just because you don’t see any opportunities doesn’t mean they are not there, possibly right in front of you.
“Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” ~ John Adams
The Greatest Opportunities Are Hidden
“Leadership is the ability to see what no one else sees, to listen when others talk and have the ability to be optimistic when others are pessimistic.” ~ George Cummings
Do you see challenges as opportunities or obstacles? Visionary leaders often see what no one else sees in finding potential and opportunity. Your view of what you see is important to you and your company. How you approach situations is how you think about what you see.
Missing great opportunities, of course, can make or break what you have already built. Wait for when the time is just so, and you can be waiting too long. When you feel comfortable, take advantage of what’s there. Sometimes you might still feel uncomfortable, but the opportunity may not be there in the next second as the parade passes by.
Opportunities come disguised as disappointments, setbacks, problems, and/or challenges. They don’t look like they’re worth anything at all. There is no shortage of opportunity in life. Everyone is given ample opportunity to prosper. It is simply that most people are not experienced in how to find these hidden opportunities, seize them, and capitalize upon them.
Opportunities are Everywhere
“Where others see obstacles, you see opportunities. Take advantage of them as soon as possible.” ~ Neal Burgis, Ph.D.
There are unseen opportunities you can find if you train your mind to think differently, to look for them. Re-frame your thinking, as opportunities can be different for everyone. Be curious about what may be out there and start by asking questions.
Hidden away are the invisible opportunities you might be looking for. So, keep an open mind. With all that you see every day, what catches your attention most? Next, look beyond and see what else is there. Use your imagination.
Failure as a Tool for Opportunities
“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.” ~ Sophia Amoruso
Unlike Edison, many of us avoid the prospect of failure. Taking a risk to reach your end-goal requires you to fail from time to time. That is expected. Too many people don’t realize that right before you give up, you just might be at the edge of success.
The more of a problem you have, the more opportunities you must find to solve the problem you have. Converting failures into opportunities is challenging, as you need to know how to seize that opportunity directly with a different perspective. Disguised opportunities are wrapped in difficulty and you need to pivot your problem and look beyond for growth and learning.
“Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes… they are seen with your mind.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Beware of everything around you. What you ignore just might be a hidden opportunity that is invisible until you open your mind to see beyond what you see and can do. Challenge yourself to find the hidden opportunities you may have missed every day. You may just move yourself forward by accepting the opportunities you’ve avoided previously.
“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” ~ Napoleon Hill
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